Baby Shower Shenanigans

Last weekend we held an afternoon tea baby shower for my youngest sister in law at the beautiful Rose Lounge at the Softitel St James in London. I love this hotel, so beautiful and elegant and the Rose Lounge is small and intimate. I’ve had afternoon tea at The Balcon which is also part of the hotel, but it has a completely different atmosphere to the Rose Lounge, which was perfect for our occasion. My sister in law was so surprised when she walked in and saw us all, oh did I forget to mention it was a surprise, oops!

The staff and the service we received was excellent, we were a lively bunch and we ate and played games, which no one seemed to care about, always a good sign! We all got to chose a tea each, and there was a wide selection, alternatives if your not a tea drinker are coffee or juice/soft drink.We were able to get refills too.

By the way they actually offer a Halal option if you let them know in advance, which a lot of places do these days, this is always a bonus. I’m not really fussed though and opted for fish and vegetarian sandwiches. A lot of places bring out everything altogether, however the Rose Lounge served us sandwiches and scones first, which were plain and chocolate and came with lemon curd, clotted cream and jam, Yum!


After playing a few games and being royally stuffed on sandwiches and scones, some of us even had seconds!!! Out came the French pastries and boy were there a lot of them and they looked stunning, made me not want to eat them and just look at them. However, I’m never one to pass on pastries, so got stuck in, as we had to share them, half of one was more than enough, and I managed to try nearly all of them, until I couldn’t eat anymore and a button on my jeans definitely had to be opened! lol should have worn something with a stretchy was it band really.

Finally, and more importantly, what did I wear? You would have already seen this my Instagram and Snapchat if you follow me, but if you don’t I’ve added a few pictures here with all the details. I went with a smart casual look, generally my go to look, I never like looking all smart or all casual, I like to mix things up, unless of course I’m on the school run, when its casual and comfort all the way. I fell in love with the top, got so many compliments, the jeans too and the shoes speak for themselves!

Shirt– Marks and Spencer

Jeans– (old, these are similar) Zara

Shoes– Harrods


 Thank you for having a read!




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