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Last week I went along to show some support to a friend who was holding an event at the famous Elan Cafe in Knightsbridge. She was showcasing just a small selection of diamond rings, earrings and bracelets that she sells on her website Luxury Promise. So being both a coffee and diamond lover, I couldn’t of thought of a better way to spend my morning.

Firstly, if you haven’t been to the Elan Cafe yet, it is definitely worth a visit, its very busy and most of the time you will have to queue up, but once your in the queuing will have been worth it. The place is beautiful, from the interior decorations to the beautiful displays of delicious desserts, just a warning that you will want to eat all of them!


In I went really excited to see my friend Sabrina and her beautiful diamonds, I also had my eye on something which I was hoping to see in the flesh. She had set up in the back room which was home to the famous flower wall and it looked beautiful and was definitely the perfect setting for her event. It was a very casual event, friendly and great atmosphere, where people could admire the diamonds on display, have a play about and wear some of them, and of course have a coffee and a good chit chat. The moment I walked in I made a beeline for the rings, this is one item I had a my eye on and may have cheekily bought one too! Why not, it was soon going to be my birthday soon and what better present could I buy for myself but a diamond!

I’ve bought bags from Luxury Promise before, by the way if you are looking for any luxury pre loved items, I would definitely go check out the Luxury promise website, everything on there is 100% authentic. You are sure to find something you are after, whether it bags, shoes, clothes or jewellery. This was the first time I considered buying jewellery from Luxury promise, only because I wasn’t sure about just buying such an expensive piece of jewellery without actually seeing it in person, so when so I heard about the event, I was so excited. However, you can actually make an appointment with Sabrina to go to her showroom and see what she has before buying anything.

Before leaving I of course had to have a coffee and a spot of breakfast. We got seated very quickly, it was however, a tight squeeze as it was really busy, but we didn’t mind. Service was a a little slow, but considering how busy it was I wasn’t surprised. I ordered a Freddo Cappuccino  and an Acai bowl, bowl equally yummy and very filling.

I will definitely be going back the Elan cafe, maybe have some cake next time! And I cant wait to get my ring which Sabrina is re sizing for me. So if you haven’t been to the Elan Cafe, go give it it a visit, they have one in Park Lane and one on Brompton Road. Then go check out Luxury Promise, they have some beautiful things on there!

P.S I couldn’t resist taking some outfit shots outside peoples doorstep, hope you like them!

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