High street shoe haul

I love shoes just as much as I love bags. They can be designer or high street, I’m not fussed at all, they just need to be comfy and pretty! Well not always!!!

So my love of shoes got a little out of hand lately, I went on a bit of spree and bought just a few pairs of shoes, all from the high street of course, here are my favourites, hope some are yours too!


Zara £29.99



Marks & Spencer £29.50

Mules seems to be the shoe of the season and Gucci seem to be making them very popular and they do have some lovely pairs. However, if you don’t want to blow the budget on Gucci ones, the high street are doing so many that are very similar and cost a fraction of the price. I love the yellow ones from Zara, such a beautiful colour, so comfy and actually go with anything. I picked up the silver ones from Marks and Spencer’s,, a definite dupe of the Gucci ones. They are comfy and I’ve teamed them with jeans to keep it casual and not to smart.



H&M £17.99



Zara £15.99

I seem to have picked mainly flat shoes for my haul, but I  do them, they are go to being a busy mum, I can’t be doing high heels on the school run, I would most likely break an ankle! so ballet pumps are a staple in my wardrobe, H&M always have a good selection and the black ones are really nice and comfy and a bargain, well they were when I got them, they are now full price! the Zara ones are a bargain to, pretty to look and actually comfy, bit fiddly with the two straps but I don’t wear them as every day shoes.


Marks & Spencer £49.50

Lastly, these sandals I wasn’t  actually to keen on when I first saw them, I thought the ankle strap would be uncomfortable and rub on the bone. But when I saw them instore I decided to try them on and I was surprised, not only did they look fabulous on, but they were really comfy and not too high, I still wouldn’t wear them everyday though. Also these a dupe for Isabel Marant pair I recently saw and of course a bargain.

 Thank you for having a read!

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