My first designer clothing purchase

I don’t really feel that designer clothing is an investment, like I do with shoes and handbags. For me clothing is too seasonal, trends come and go and change so often that its not worth buying such expensive pieces when you can buy them for a fraction of the price on the high street. However, on this occasion I did make an exception, and why did I do this? I’ll tell you why, because it was a Burberry Trench coat that I have been wanting for while now and I have always had second thoughts, as it is a very expensive purchase for me clothing wise.

It took a lot of research and trying on before I came to decision on which one to get, because I am very fussy when it come to style and fitting on my petite frame. For such an expensive piece I didn’t want to make a mistake and regret my purchase. I looked online first to see how many different styles and colours were available, and wow it was so overwhelming, because there were so many to chose from, my head was spinning. I soon realised that there are seasonal trench coats and there are the classic ones that they sell all year round, it was one of the classics that I wanted. So I narrowed down my search to the style and colour that I wanted and headed off into London to try it on in store. I like doing this with shoes and handbags too, I don’t like wasting time and I like to know everything I can find out about the item before I buy it.

I realised that designer clothing either come up too big on me or too small. I tried on a few styles including the new fit the Chelsea, this one was a more fitted and narrower style and did not fit me at all, the size 8 was too small and and the size 10 was too big. Then I tried on the Sandringham, still fitted but as narrow as the Chelsea, and this one fitted like a glove, I was so delighted. But now the problem was what colour!!!!! if you know me I love black, my whole wardrobe is practically black and neutral colours scare me. However, in a trench coat a neutral colour looks great, so I tried on the honey beige colour, this looked great and I fell in love, but I soon realised that this colour and being a mother just did not go and so I tried on the black. Yes I know its boring, but it looked great too and black goes with everything is a classic colour. So after a lot of thinking and few cans of coke later, I had made my decision, and I decided to go with the Sandringham in black in a size 8. I won’t lie, for a few moments I felt a little sick, but that passed, because I was now a proud owner of my first ever Burberry trench coat. Haven’t worn it yet, but I do I will definitely show you guys I styled it.

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