What’s in my April Glossybox

I received my April Glossybox a few days ago and as promised from suggestions of some of my readers, I have used the products and will give you a review of what I think of each one of them. The products in this months box have luckily been items I didn’t have to use for weeks before seeing results, and actually I managed to use nearly all of them in one day as most were makeup products, more up my street. so here goes!

Item 1. Elgon Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner Co-wash combines the cleansing action of a shampoo with the hydration of a conditioner in one quick-to-use product. You use it like you would a normal shampoo, but expect less lather. The first time I used it I was a little optimistic, wasn’t sure what to expect, because to me the more lather there is, the cleaner the hair! All you need is an amount the size of a 50p in the palm of your hand, massage into your hair for about 2 mins as you would shampoo and then rinse. As I rinsed there was hardly any lather and it didn’t feel slippery like when you put conditioner in and rinse. I towel dried my hair as normal and then blow dried it. I wont lie, I was expecting for my hair to feel greasy, like when you don’t rinse it properly or enough. But no, it felt just like it does when I normally shampoo my hair. I love this product and will definitely be purchasing a full size version, so revolutionary!

Item 2. ModelCo Contour Stick is a chunky contour crayon which you can use to define your cheekbones, nose and jawline. It can be used on bare skin or over foundation. I’m not usually a fan of cream contour products, especially crayon sticks, but this one was lovely to use, it glided onto my skin beautifully. I only used it to contour my cheekbones, so I applied just a line down either side of my face on the contour lines and with a brush blended it in. Again it was really easy to blend and didn’t take much effort at all, I finished it off by going over it with a powder contour product, just to make it set. You can also use this product as an eyeshadow or lipstick, great for those with darker skin tones.

Item 3. Sport FX Shape Up Brow Pencil is a double ended pen with a retractable water resistant angled eyebrow pencil on one end a brush on the other. This is very similar to one I used to use and didn’t like much, I prefer the non angled versions or powder. I used the brush to tidy up my brows and brush out any foundation and then the pencil to gently fill in gaps in my brows and shape them. I found that as I was being gentle the colour was not appearing as much and had to go over the brows a few time before I got the desired colour and shape. Not what I was expecting or used to, so I’m afraid this product didn’t work for me and unfortunately I couldn’t test how waterproof it was as I used it on a night out.

Item 4. Merci Handy is not only a bacteria-busting gel, it also leaves your hands feeling soft, thanks to the tiny pearls, which burst on application to hydrate hands. My hands are very dry, so I tend to avoid hand sanitisers, but this one surprised me. It actually did leave my hands feeling soft, didn’t dry them out and it smells great.

Item 5. Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL a long wear formula that is jet black and leaves lashes supersized but soft. I love a good mascara as I’m not really a false lash kinda girl, and I have many that I always use and buy again. Unfortunately, this mascara is not one that I would buy, I don’t believe it does what it says on the bottle. As I brushed it through my lashes in a zig zag motion from root to tip, found that the formula was a little watery and didn’t apply well at all. Normally I see a result straight away with one coat from other mascaras, but with this one even after two coats I wasn’t impressed. My lashes didn’t look coated at all let alone supersized and volumised.

Hope you found this post helpful and enjoyable to read, please let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for having a read!


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